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Sunrise Proposal

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

July 18, 2020

Andrew is best friends with my brother, so I've known him since high school. When he asked

me to capture him proposing to Emily, I was so excited. Then, he said it was going to be at sunrise which made me a little nervous! I've never shot photos during sunrise and I was nervous about how much light I would be able to work with. But, Andrew trusted me to capture the special moment.

Matt and I arrived around 5:15am on Fenwick beach, we had our two beach chairs, our gear and we wore hats to help disguise us from Emily recognizing us.

Andrew was strategic and brought Emily straight down to the water once they arrived so that we were positioned behind them. Andrew looked back to make sure we were ready as I gave him a thumbs up.

Then, the rest follows. This is truly #PROPOSALGOALS!


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