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What to expect after your wedding day

1 - 2 weeks after

Congratulations on getting married! You can expect a preview, in the form of a reel/tik-tok (vertical video), up to one to two weeks after your wedding. This will be some of our favorite moments or shots from the day. Usually ~30 seconds to 1 min long.

1 - 2 months after

We like to deliver your ceremony and celebration films usually a month after your wedding day so you can relive the main events from the day. At this point, we will ask for the remainder payment for your invoice.

3 - 4 months after

Creating your wedding day story through video takes time and we put a lot of love into the details of making something unique to your personalities. From start to finish, it usually takes a few weeks to make the film. We will keep you updated when we start your wedding day film and our progress.


Thank you
for hiring us!

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